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Iranian Water Crisis's Stakeholders and Need of Holistic View
سه‌شنبه ٧ دی ۱۳٩٥

A few days ago I watched a shocking video, it was screening a man who try to suicide, but not by gun BALKE by throwing himself in the CHAHE AB. I think at the city he lives the governmental organization -who protects water resource regionally –has forced him to shouted down his CHAH, VAGARNE his workers were going to stop his usage of underground water. You can watch this clip from here.

This days water shortage become a big issue for Iranian government and all other people. sometimes I see some mistakes and bugs in decision making process that have gotten by government.

I have a question: The organization that his responsibility is protecting and managing water resources BE HESAB MIavarad farms as a stakeholderThere are many stakeholders for this problem such as people and companies and governmental organizations but I think we have ignored the main stakeholder: the farmer.

Water resources has been located within their territory and farms and no one can force them to decrease or cut BARDASHT AB. We need to hear their voice and give them a chair. Today in iran they have not any powerful representative between other negotiators.

If we take a look at the definition of stakeholder, we can find out:

Andrew L. Friedman says: stakeholders are crucial for the achievement of corporate objective.

What is the objective of any plan that try to solve water crisis in iran? Yes, lowering the consumption of water. AMMA Vagti the main portion of consumption take place by farms why we have put their name at the end of stakeholders list? We need to take a holistic approach for solving complex problem. If we focus on just a few players, we miss the big picture and in near future the problem come back again. Let’s think holistically.

About Death
شنبه ٢٧ آذر ۱۳٩٥

Alirez is my dear friend. Today, His friend and colleage has passed away. when I heard this bad news I become very sad and very depressed. I am always scary about detah. I ask youself: why death is so horribe ifor me? fear of deach try to show me somthing. It alarms me: hey you are not on a right way. you are not what you want. mr death, you are right I am far away from our real self.

I had a terrible habit or behavoir. at School, at group of friends, at work, anywhere I try to satisfied others. I try hide your interests. thoughts, hopes and dreams. always first I try to satisfy other people. in chating, in writing, in working, in reading and etc. why? why I have such a low self steem? I want to hit yourself. I always imagine on my mind such a person that tapped in a hole. Every day I move. Every day I scream. every day I throw my roap to find a way to exit from this dark place. I can't. I get older and older not physcality but mentaly. my soul is under pressure. when I think about what I done in life It is just wasting my time or spending time on other goal and interest not me. Now I feel deppresed. I feel lonely. I feel I alone in a big and busy world. I feel I have not any close friend. Ali, what a hell with you? why dont try you cut these bends? why dont you follow you interest? if today you die you die like a shit whitou any feel about world and humans in it. Damn it.

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Shadow of our mind
پنجشنبه ٢٩ مهر ۱۳٩٥

About two weeks ago, I was searching term "zanjan" on instagram, my own city's name, where I live now. At every page, what I can see was somthing like screenshot below. full of photos about religious ceremony called Ashura and related events.

few weeks ago: instagram result page based on location "zanjan"

It seems a liitle unusual because often the mojarity of uploaded materials on this soical network are fancy and sometimes shameful. something like image below. I have taken it today:

Today: instagram result page based on location "zanjan"


During muahrram month, what I see from iranian users' uploaded content is very different from other months.

I think there isn't such of kind of paradox at social networks that are used by other nations and nationalities.

This issue especially belong to iran and maybe some other countries.

In other word, As well as iranian people have a dual lifestyles in physical world, we can see the same duality on digital world.

This story of Ashura on instagram may confirm this theory.

Consider social network a shadow of human minds on digital screen, These days iranian completely show a image of their mentality on social networks.


A tip for studying better
شنبه ۱٧ مهر ۱۳٩٥

I have a habit (not completely a habid but try to be) in reading book or listening to audiobook or watching movie:

I don't like to read or watch a whole content in on day, instead I break a long content to small parts, so a piece of content can be read or watched in 25 minutes (one pomodoro) 

If you like to find more information about pomodoro technique, please refer to motamem.org, especially a comment has written by my friend tahereh khabari لبخند

For example, I am reading a book entitled "Hooked" this days, written by Nir Eyal

(I apologize for stealing its ebook format from web, unfortunately I was Hooked by a digital service named libgen. )لبخند

I spend 25 minutes in studying this book everyday.

But as I finish a part of book or digital file, I began to worry weather I will find the Exit Point after some days?

I know we can use bookmark feature, but I use a very simple pdf reader on my computer (not a high professional ebook reader) also, I think there is no bookmark button on video or audio player.

I have found a solution and now I want to explain a useful tip.

I don't recommend that you use the tip, in fact, I suggest that you test it.

It maybe help you to remember the time or point that you have left the book or file.


You just add Exit Point (such as page number or minute) to the rest of the file name, according  to the screenshot below:



 This trick join two parts of a content like a bridge join two parts of a city.

What is the next gerenation of content
چهارشنبه ۱٤ مهر ۱۳٩٥

I am very curious about private and undiscovered data about people on web.

I like searching information about them on internet via google, even so he/she is my best close friend or my sister,

I love put her/his name or phone number on google search box and spend many time on reading result pages.

Sometimes during the conversation with a cauleage or a friend, I mention the information that has been found earlier and destroy her or his privacy,

I really sorry about that and nowadays try hard to change this bad habit. unfortunately, until now my efforts have not lead to a great improvment.

definitly It will take long time to happen, because It has been rooted in my mind and become a unconscious behavoir.

One day, I was searching about term "shabanali" and suddenly I founded a hidden instagram account that belong to mohammadreza. I surprised,

Then I ask myself: hey man, It's account of one guru that everyday and everwhere he swear social networks such as instagram or facebook, so what is this?

but I deldariلبخند myself: man, think positive, you don't know antyhing about his, Maybe there some hekmatلبخند behind that, please dont gezavat fast,لبخند 

Sorry Mohammad Reza, I going to share one of your post that has been published there, pardon me.

Have you ever seen russian nested dolls?

Contents and Containers have such a relationship.

Every content can be a container for the other content.

PC was a container and Windows was a content for it.

Then Windows itself became a container and

Applications became the new generation of content.

Then applications became the container and

Web (Interconnected data) became the content.

Nowadays, social networks are the latest containers.

What's your content and how it will become the container in future?

P.S: I want to answer the last question from my point of view: motamem.org is and will be the content.

New Era of Slavery
جمعه ٩ مهر ۱۳٩٥

Few years ago, Humans use Digital Softwares and services,

Nowadays, Digital Softwares and Services use Humans.

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